Monday, March 1, 2010

anyone want a 3 year old?

Just kidding, sort of. Today is taking it's toll on me. This morning I painted the ceiling in the playroom. I had to stop every couple minutes to referee the kids. Then Eric woke up and took over while I took the girls to Home Depot and picked out their playroom wall colors. They were a little impatient in the shopping cart, but that went pretty well. When we got home I made some grilled cheese and green beans for lunch and then painted the inside of the playroom closet. I realized I needed more orange paint so Emily and I ran back to Home Depot before Eric took the car for the day. I come back to find Anika had wet her pants.

Eric left for work and I got started on the walls. The girls were playing nicely in the kitchen and I was on a roll.

I heard a suspicious noise and went to see what they were up to. Cereal everywhere... I grab the vacuum and go to it. After a couple minutes I realize Anika is out of sight.

She was helping me paint and got some on her pants and hand, which she wiped on her shirt. I cleaned up the paint and the cereal, got the girls settled, with a scoop of ice cream each, in the back yard.

I rush the rest of the painting and come out to find that Anika was watering the rocks and they were both very wet.

I left the paint stuff soaking in the sink and got the girls clean and dry and we played with chalk for awhile.

I go back to the sink and start rinsing, and rinsing, and rinsing the paint out of the roller and brush. Behind me, Anika decides she wants milk and between her and Emily somehow half a gallon of milk spills all over the kitchen floor.

Between all of the contents of the playroom being in my living room, all the extra laundry from the kids adventures, and all the painting supplies my house is trashed and I am exhausted. Now it's time to feed them dinner and (with any luck) get them in bed early so I can get the second coat on those walls.


Becky said...

You poor thing! That is for sure one heck of a day. I think a nice glass of wine is in order after they are down!

Anonymous said...

that is enough to make me tired! Hope tomorrow is a little less busy!

ArtsyNina said...

I had to giggle at the suspicious noise part - it's amazing how a mother knows exactly what is going on, from strange noises or the lack of them :)

Neptunebaby said...

Wow. Anika looked like she knew what she was doing with the paint though :)