Thursday, March 4, 2010

not my brightest idea

The new playroom is in desperate need of something on the walls. Eventually I want an alphabet border on one or two walls. I like both the ideas in this blog. For now I thought I would have the girls paint a little something for the other wall. I had to toss all my liquids when we left Germany so I don't have any finger paint. That didn't stop me though. I gave them some leftover wall paint and stripped them to their underwear outside. Good thing it was 74 today :)

Anika used her hands. One for each color.

Emily used her hands and her feet and got rushed to the bathtub very quickly when she attempted to taste the paint.


See the lovely blue water :)


Finished product on the wall.


Sorry the lighting isn't great. We don't have the blinds up again and it is so sunny here!

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