Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fresh eggs

Four dozen fresh brown eggs delivered to my door for $8 makes me happy :)

See all the beautiful colors and shapes and speckles?

I love when they have little feather bits still clinging to the shell.

Just look at that color!

Yeah, I know you are all laughing at me ;)


Kari B. said...

we get wic and get a dozen free eggs each month, but i always skip 'em and go to the farm weekly for fresh eggs instead. much more satisfying :)

Lisanne said...

We go through enough eggs to get the WIC eggs and then get these too :) I made breakfast burritos this morning with about 8 eggs, turkey sausage, salsa, and cheese. I tried freezing a few for Eric to grab on his way to work. I hope they are ok reheated.

Neptunebaby said...

They are gorgeous eggs :)