Saturday, May 4, 2013

Isabel Marie

We added another beautiful little girl to our family this week. I had been contracting off and on all weekend and hoping each day would be the one. On Sunday evening (my "due date") the contractions were more intense and I started packing a few things and getting ready to head to the hospital. We were admitted around 7pm and I was dilated to 4cm and contracting every 4-7 minutes. By about 11pm I was thinking it wouldn't be too much longer so Eric went home and got the kids and my sister, Natalie. We settled them in on a bed and a couch in a recovery room down the hall so they could keep sleeping and be close by when it was time. In the early hours of the morning my contractions got further apart and the dilation stalled out at 6cm. I was trying to keep walking and using a birthing ball, but I was exhausted and frustrated by the lack of progress. After a discussion with my wonderful nurses we decided to have the midwife break my water and see if that would speed things up a little. It worked very well. To well maybe. All of a sudden my contractions were one on top of the other and so painful. They filled the birthing tub and Eric woke Natalie.

After I was settled in the tub the kids came in looking all sleepy in their pajamas. Somehow we managed to fit everyone into the bathroom in the labor room. The very warm water in the tub felt really good on my back. After a few contractions in the tub I felt like it was time to push so the midwife came in. I wasn't sure I could do it because I was so tired, but it only took about 5 pushes and she was in my arms.

It was 5:19am on the 29th. I just held her in the tub for awhile and stared at her and checked out her fingers and toes and the little dimple in her chin until she looked hungry and then Eric cut the cord and I passed her to the nurse so they could check her out while I made my way to bed. She weighed 8 pounds and 6.6 ounces and was about 20 inches long and perfect in every way. Her big sisters followed her from the tub to the bassinet and watched everything closely. Anika came to the bed with me and had an interesting discussion with the midwife about the purpose of the placenta and the cord as they looked at it.

As soon as she was back in my arms we started to breastfeed and she took right to it. Latched on well right from the start.

After 12 hours of resting and monitoring at the hospital we got to go home.

At 5 days old she is already back up over her birth weight. She has several alert periods a day where she just looks at all of us and makes the cutest faces. I swear she even smiled at me once, but I know it's too early for that. She's a wonderful eater and sleeper and is adored by all. Her big sisters love to hold her and push her in the swing and play music for her.

She loves to hang out in the sling when we run errands and sleeps great in the car. She's had a busy first week with check ups, taking sisters to the dentist, getting a few groceries, picking up Anika at school, and even her first visit to a park.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Star Coyote award winner at her school :)

It means she is a Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable, and Respectful student and we are so proud of her :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's a...

Here I am at 5 months pregnant. Does that like like a girl or a boy belly?

Inside this cake is the answer...

looks like another girl for us!