Sunday, June 17, 2012

soap clouds

I cut a bar of Ivory soap in half and let each girl microwave their half for about a minute. Then they squished it and crumbled it and had a great time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

egg experiments

We had some fun playing with an egg today. Here is where we got the idea. Last night we left it to soak in a cup of vinegar. It was covered in bubbles and spun around in the glass. The girls loved it.

It didn't take long for the outer layer to start coming off. 

This morning we gently rubbed the last of the shell of and were left with this

Then we wanted to make the egg bigger so we soaked it in water. Green water for fun :)

You can see how much water passed through the membrane by the size difference between the eggs. After that I just let the girls play with it. I wish I got video when it popped. Anika was picking a hair off of it and it sprayed her :) There was a lot of green water inside with the egg white and yolk. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

thank you Pinterest

These amazing chicken and spinach flautas are from a recipe found on Pinterest.

Here is the recipe. I used chicken tenderloins because it's what I had in the freezer and Pacifico beer because that is the Mexican beer Eric likes. 

For myself I made a beer margarita, also found on Pinterest. Here it is

The girls had some raspberry limeade. I threw it together without a recipe, but if anyone is interested it was half a can of limeade concentrate, a handful of frozen raspberries, and enough ice and water until it tasted right. 

long weekend

My big girl was sick for the last 4 days with a fever and a headache. All our fun plans for the pool and library and zoo went out the window and we cuddled on the couch watching things like Annie and Jumanji and Dinosaur train. Yesterday a rash came up on her face, and parts of her body so I guess it was Roseola?

Today she seems much better. The fever spiked to 104 last night, but today she has a normal temperature and the spots are fading. I'm thinking we had better get out and restock the fridge today just in case little sis comes down with it next. While the fridge was empty I gave it a good scrubbing and tossed a couple really old condiments. Now it's ready to be filled. I've spent a little too much time on Pinterest the last couple days so I have a list started :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Murphy's law of deployments, take 2

We can add another disaster to the Murphy's Law of deployment list. I packed the girls in the car yesterday to go check out the zoo in El Paso. We've never been and I thought it would be a fun way to spend the day. As we drove through the city the girls started to fight and Emily cried that Anika had hit her. When I parked the car and went to unbuckle Emily she was holding her arm and wouldn't move it. I tried my emergency cell phone to start making calls to see where I should go to have her looked at, but the battery was dead and you can't make calls while it's charging. I drove over to the front gate at Fort Bliss and asked the security guard where I should go and he pointed me to William Beaumont Army Medical Center. After about 3 hours in the waiting room we were called back to another waiting room and then finally a room. They took us to x-ray and then told us what I thought it was all along. Nursemaid's elbow. The doctor came in and did a little maneuver to fix it, said he felt it go back in place, and left me with a crying kid. Someone else came in with a sling and a prescription for Tylenol. I asked if it was normal for her to still be in pain and they said it would be fine soon. We went home and I tucked her in bed with an ice pack and gave her a dose of Tylenol because it still hurt. This morning I called to make an appointment at our base clinic because I thought it was still out of place. They got us an appointment at 3pm, but around 11 Anika got sick and I didn't want to drag both kids out in the heat. My mom talked me through it and I got her arm fixed at home. Here is how it's done if anyone is curious A few minutes later she was dancing, running, singing, and back to her usual wild self.

I'm using two hands!!!!

And now Anika is sick :(