Monday, December 29, 2008

there are feet in my ribs

I think they are feet anyway. Hard to tell. It's not very comfortable, but I know I'll be missing the little kicks before too long so I am trying to enjoy it all. 34 weeks today and all we have to do now is decide on a name and try to keep the house clean. Anyone have any wonderful name suggestions?

Thursday, December 25, 2008


This was Anika's third Christmas and she really got into it this year. She's been wonderful about leaving the tree and the presents alone, but once we gave her the go ahead she dug right in.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Eric graduated from Airmen Leadership School this Wednesday. He had been going to classes for several weeks to learn what is required to be a Staff Sergeant. The promotion will come in the next month or two. It was a nice evening with dinner and lots of laughs. It was nice to finally meet all the people I'd been hearing about for weeks. Here he is receiving his certificate

and enjoying a few drinks in the E club with his classmates

Monday, December 8, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

The 6th of December is St. Nicholas Day and we celebrate with stockings filled with tangerines, nuts, and candies. We aren't great at planning ahead so I had to run to the store and fill them right before Anika could dig in. Next year she'll be old enough to know what's going on so we'll have to be on the ball.

Here are the stockings

Her first PEZ dispenser :)

The next day she wants to see what's still in there.

We also went to the Christmas market in Trier this weekend. Those things really are more fun when you aren't pregnant and pushing a stroller through the crowds. The food was wonderful though and the sun was shining. Unfortunately we picked up a stalker in the crowd. He didn't like the way our friend was holding her puppy's leash so close. He thought she was being abusive and he chased us through the crowds, yelled in our faces, and we couldn't get rid of him until we found some Polizei to help us out. He wasn't all there mentally and he was very persistent. Thankfully the police kept him with them while we made our escape.

Monday, December 1, 2008

30 weeks!

Already 30 weeks pregnant and as of tomorrow I can say 7 months too. This little one is getting so much more active as the days go by. Yesterday he or she kicked really hard and hit the desk through my belly. That was the oddest feeling.

I have started working on a playlist to listen to while I labor and I am welcoming suggestions. No, I will not add "Push It" :) Here is what I have so far and I'm sure I will add and remove many songs over the next 2 months.

There is also a classical playlist that I may use at the end. I'm not usually a classical music kind of person so I could use some help with that one too.