Monday, December 8, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

The 6th of December is St. Nicholas Day and we celebrate with stockings filled with tangerines, nuts, and candies. We aren't great at planning ahead so I had to run to the store and fill them right before Anika could dig in. Next year she'll be old enough to know what's going on so we'll have to be on the ball.

Here are the stockings

Her first PEZ dispenser :)

The next day she wants to see what's still in there.

We also went to the Christmas market in Trier this weekend. Those things really are more fun when you aren't pregnant and pushing a stroller through the crowds. The food was wonderful though and the sun was shining. Unfortunately we picked up a stalker in the crowd. He didn't like the way our friend was holding her puppy's leash so close. He thought she was being abusive and he chased us through the crowds, yelled in our faces, and we couldn't get rid of him until we found some Polizei to help us out. He wasn't all there mentally and he was very persistent. Thankfully the police kept him with them while we made our escape.


Anne Elizabeth said...

Anika is getting so big! I'm glad I found you on here. Now I can keep up with what is going with you:)

Kara - Doula in training said...

Oh how fun is that! Kris and I attempt every year to celebrate 3 kings day...but never do it. I really want to this year. Is St. Nicholas Day a German tradition? It is awful that I don't know this since I am 75% German. I need to look into this!