Friday, June 8, 2012

Murphy's law of deployments, take 2

We can add another disaster to the Murphy's Law of deployment list. I packed the girls in the car yesterday to go check out the zoo in El Paso. We've never been and I thought it would be a fun way to spend the day. As we drove through the city the girls started to fight and Emily cried that Anika had hit her. When I parked the car and went to unbuckle Emily she was holding her arm and wouldn't move it. I tried my emergency cell phone to start making calls to see where I should go to have her looked at, but the battery was dead and you can't make calls while it's charging. I drove over to the front gate at Fort Bliss and asked the security guard where I should go and he pointed me to William Beaumont Army Medical Center. After about 3 hours in the waiting room we were called back to another waiting room and then finally a room. They took us to x-ray and then told us what I thought it was all along. Nursemaid's elbow. The doctor came in and did a little maneuver to fix it, said he felt it go back in place, and left me with a crying kid. Someone else came in with a sling and a prescription for Tylenol. I asked if it was normal for her to still be in pain and they said it would be fine soon. We went home and I tucked her in bed with an ice pack and gave her a dose of Tylenol because it still hurt. This morning I called to make an appointment at our base clinic because I thought it was still out of place. They got us an appointment at 3pm, but around 11 Anika got sick and I didn't want to drag both kids out in the heat. My mom talked me through it and I got her arm fixed at home. Here is how it's done if anyone is curious A few minutes later she was dancing, running, singing, and back to her usual wild self.

I'm using two hands!!!!

And now Anika is sick :(

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