Sunday, March 28, 2010

ER trip

After an uneventful dinner last night, we tucked the girls in bed at their usual 8-8:30ish bedtime. Eric and I settled in on the couch to watch New Moon. When it ended I was reading in bed for a few minutes and Anika came in crying and upset and scratching all over. She said her neck hurt. I started looking at her neck and then unzipped her pajamas and found an awful looking rash all over her belly and neck and spots on her leg. Because it had come up so fast and she was so miserable Eric covered her in Benadryl cream while I dressed and then I rushed her to the ER. Eric had had a beer so he got to stay home with sleeping Emily. I had to use the GPS since we've never been before. She started having a coughing fit while I was driving so I was afraid she was having trouble breathing.

I ran her into the ER and told the receptionist all her symptoms. She was still coughing and scratching. We were given forms and told to sit. And we sat for 30 minutes. Then they took a quick look at her and took her temp and put us in another waiting room. This one had comfortable chairs and The Negotiator was on tv. I got to watch the whole movie... Around 2am we were led to a curtained cubicle and left without a word. He didn't ask if she was ok, if we needed anything, or tell us anything. After listening to machines beeping and a drunk guy causing trouble for another 2 hours I finally told the nurse we wanted to leave. I signed a piece of paper, drove home, and took Ani to bed with me. When Emily woke at 6 she joined us and Eric took the kids out when they were both fully awake at 7:30 so I could try to sleep another hour.

My best guess is that she is allergic to cilantro. She'd had a couple spots by her mouth once or twice and I had suspected the cilantro. I guess I should rub a little on her skin sometime to find out for sure. I'll follow up with a doctor on base tomorrow to see what they think.

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