Friday, February 26, 2010


We took our recent move as an opportunity to declutter. Before we left Germany we sold, donated, or gave to friends all of our 220v appliances, lots of toys and clothes, and some extra kitchen gadgets. We felt pretty proud of ourselves when it only took the movers 6 hours to pack and load up our entire house full of stuff.

Now that we are finishing up the unpacking we can't figure out why we brought all of this with us. The movers helped us declutter a bit more by "losing" a box, breaking the desk, and breaking a couple toys and decorations. As we try to fit things into our closets we have weeded out several duvet covers and sheets. I donated a couple more pots and pans, some clothes that I haven't worn in so long I can't remember, and a hideous clown that our landlady had given us so we had kept as long as we lived in her house. A Mexican family pulled up in a van and asked if we were selling anything so they got our king sized bed that we were planning to haul to the dump as well as the infant car seat, the double stroller, the umbrella stroller, and a couple nightstands.

We did purchase a washer and dryer, a vacuum, and lots of storage containers. I picked up a new toaster, still in it's box, from a yard sale website and we just spent a bit of money on a file cabinet and storage containers for our garage. I know plastic boxes aren't the best, but it feels so good to be organized.

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