Friday, August 20, 2010

new diaper cover thanks to SwagBucks :)

I've been using the SwagBucks search bar for all my internet browsing and have earned $20 worth of Amazon gift cards. I spent a couple of them on this new diaper cover for Emily.

This is not our first Thirsties cover, but it is the first duo wrap and the first with snaps and so far we love it. It is cut very generously. I got her size 2 which goes from 18-40 pounds! She's only 21 now so this will fit her until she is 100% potty trained. Maybe I should try it on Anika just to see how it fits :)

If you want to check out SwagBucks I have their widget here on my blog and if I refer you I get some free bucks so please do check it out.

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