Tuesday, August 10, 2010

first haircut

When Anika was born there wasn't much hair on her head.

By her first birthday we were excited to see little curls appearing at the nape of her neck.

At 2 she still didn't have much hair in the front, but the curls were getting longer and blonder.

By age 3 her hair was adorable ringlets

By now she is beginning to complain about it being brushed, but we can't bear to cut off the pretty curls. After our move to New Mexico we realized the dry air does nothing for her hair and now she screams like she is being tortured every time we comb.

Now at 3 and a half she started sucking on her hair and combing it is unpleasant for everyone in hearing range. So off it goes...

The shorter cut keeps the hair out of her mouth. The fine baby hairs are gone so the tangles aren't as bad. And the weight being off makes her curls bounce up. We probably should have done this months ago.

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