Friday, August 27, 2010

before and after: master bath

As I have mentioned before, our entire house was this lovely shade of yellow. 

Ceilings and walls in every room.

even the closets

Before we even moved in we started covering up the yellow. 

White ceilings

green bedroom

purple laundry room

latte living area

I love the deep turquoise in my bedroom

Then after this playroom we ran out of steam

After about 4 months of avoiding paintbrushes we decided it was time to tackle the master bathroom. At first we thought about reversing the bedroom color scheme and painting it brown with blue towels and accents. Choosing a shade of brown is harder than you would think. Then my sweet husband brought me flowers last week. No reason other than he loves me =)

Aren't they pretty? After my darling 18 month old spilled them all over the kitchen table I moved them to my bathroom counter where they could be enjoyed out of her reach. As I carried them through my bedroom I noticed how lovely the magenta daisies were with my deep turquoise walls. the next day I sent Eric to Home Depot in search of purplish pink paint samples and we chose "sugar plum". It seemed a bit much to do the whole room so bright and feminine so most of the walls are white with an accent wall and arch in sugar plum.

What do you call a small room off the bathroom with just a toilet? Powder room isn't right because there is no sink. WC? toilet room? Anyway, whatever it is called it will be sugar plum colored too. 

Every room in our house has a plant ledge. We thought about buying little vases or artificial flowers to put up there and then Eric had a great idea. We had these orange boxes in Germany, but aren't going with the orange theme anymore.

So today, Eric took the leftover turquoise and sugar plum paints and did this

This was an easy and cheap way to decorate that plant shelf and it ties the 2 rooms together really well. Now we have to decide if we are putting anything in those pots.

Here is the before picture

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