Friday, August 20, 2010


When we first moved into our home we painted as much as we could and wore ourselves out! The entire interior of the house was one color and it wasn't a great one. We started with the ceilings and the large spaces like the living/dining/kitchen/hallways that all connect with arches and made them all a neutral "latte" color. The girls bedroom has a pink and green thing going on, the playroom is vibrant blue and orange and white. With our bedroom I chose a deep turquoise with lots of brown accents and I love it. I'm a bit stumped over what to do with the master bath though. Obviously it can be seen from the bedroom and vice versa so we would love a color that compliments the turquoise. Our first thought was a dark brown, but now I am thinking I would like to have more fun with it. I have a vase of flowers in there now and the reddish purple daisy stood out to me as looking really good with the blue. I went searching the internet for images and as I went I saw some really neat green and turquoise color schemes as well. Now I don't know what to do. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what is in my head right now.

First off, here is my bedroom. It has stuff on the shelf and a couple of dressers in there since this picture was taken, but I don't feel like cleaning it up enough to take a new one. Not that my bedroom is ever messy ;)

This is the color of the daisy that got me started.

Another option that I have been thinking about would be to paint the ceiling and upper two thirds of the bathroom white and then paint the lower portion a bold magenta or green or the whole bathroom white with an accent wall like the alcove where the whirlpool tub is. What do you think?

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Annette said...

We really like the turquoise tiled bathroom and bubble bath. Olivia does not like the gold couch - but you probably haven't got room in your master bathroom for that anyway :P