Monday, September 27, 2010

winnings :)

I like to enter lots of giveaways on blogs and facebook. It makes me feel like I'm shopping, but I don't have to spend any money :) When I first started these a few months ago I had beginners luck and won this adorable diaper.

Then I won this board book from Minimal Mom's blog :)

Then I went through a dry spell. Now in the last couple of weeks I am on a roll!

I won an Organically Raised cookbook from the Bragging Mommy

The girls get a cute caterpillar clippie I won on CCbaby

and a Halloween hair clip from Glam Babiez

$7 in credit to Forward Thinking

some credit, Hawaiian coffee, and oatmeal baby bath from Ali and Swan

and a wetbag from Tree Huggin' Mama

I'm really hoping to win a wrap or wipes or more diapers or that Silhouette machine I posted on here yesterday. Fingers crossed that my winning streak holds out a little longer.

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