Sunday, April 15, 2012


Both girls are playing soccer this season. We got off to a rough start and missed a few practices due to illness. Anika is having a good time and playing about the same as she did last year. She loves to run and kicks the ball when she gets the chance, but she isn't very aggressive and never scores. She would like to score, but just can't seem to follow through. She is one of the youngest on the team this year. They are all 5 and 6 and she is one of the younger 5s.

Emily doesn't even want to get on the field. She'll practice if I go out there with her, but I'm not allowed on the field during games so she won't play. I got her to play goalie by standing behind the goal and holding her hand over the top of it. She just barely made the age requirement to play and we maybe should have waited another year, but she said she wanted to. Maybe if Papa is her coach next time she'll do better :) She's actually pretty good when she plays with me. She can take the ball from me.

There are just 2 more games left in the season and I don't think I'll put them both in sports at the same time while Eric is deployed and they are still little. Too hard to be in two places at once.

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