Sunday, April 15, 2012

the law of deployments

Ask any military wife and they will tell you that Murphy's Law of Deployments is a very real thing. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong during a deployment. In previous deployments we have made it through the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country

    our toddler breaking her leg

        a miscarriage, a bad storm that left the kids and I without heat in temperatures well below freezing

and some bad illnesses. This time it's just kind of funny so far. As soon as he left we all got sick. Then as soon as we were feeling better we got sick with something else. Then the water softener wasn't softening the water, the water heater wasn't heating the water, and the dishwasher isn't washing the dishes. The water softener was an easy fix. I just needed someone who knew what they were doing to adjust some setting for me. I think the water heater is fixed. A friend of my neighbor showed me an air intake that can get clogged and we dusted it. The dishwasher might just need replaced, but I'll keep hand washing for now. We're not even half way through this deployment so fingers crossed that it's just little stuff I can handle for the next couple months. Otherwise, this will be me.

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