Friday, October 15, 2010

progression of a birthday cake

Here is what I was going for

They have a template, but it was just a little too big so I decided to try it freehand. First the grass and sky and then I put it in the freezer before adding the other colors.

 This is what I find an hour later

Anika told me she did it while I was getting Emily to sleep. Thankfully there was extra frosting. Don't tell the party guests!

After re frosting and re freezing it was time to try to draw. I have never drawn with frosting before.

The kids knew right away what it was and that is good enough for me :)


danielleasutherland said...

great job :)

Annette said...

That frosting must be delicious for Ani to keep coming back for more :)

Wanna B. SuperMom said...

Its adorable! Great job! I would have flipped if one of my kids did that, and spent the next hour saying "wooo saaah" and rubbing my ears. I hope the rest of the planning goes smoothly for you.