Saturday, October 30, 2010


I don't know about you all, but I am starting to think about Christmas. I would love to go outside the box a bit this year, but am not at all crafty. I am hoping to support some WAHMs by buying handmade items. I'm looking for beautiful, yet useful. Toys that require imagination. 

I love these playsilks for little ones. They are so light and pretty you can't help playing with them. My girls have one and use it for a baby sling, peek a boo, a cape, a doll blanket, and more. There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from. This is from BeneathTheRowanTree

 I just recently won a couple pairs of dryer balls. Even though I don't need to use my dryer yet there was one evening when I wanted something dry quickly and I really wanted to give these a try. I couldn't believe how fast the clothes dried! Cutting down on dry time is great for the electric bill and these balls work as a natural fabric softener too. Mine are scented with Rooibos Tea, but they come in unscented and look relatively easy to make at home too. The pair I am using now are from Rhineland Farms

Maybe the little girl in your life would like a tutu? This is another of those things that is supposed to be easy to make, but I haven't had the need yet as we have plenty of tutus given to us. My girls wear theirs all the time and are so adorable :) This pretty tutu is from piper's closet

Maybe Mom would love a new necklace

 Do you know someone who could use some pampering? Hand made soaps would be a great gift for anyone (hint, hint)

This one makes me laugh :) Does the man in your life wish he had a beard? Or just want to keep his face warm? Try this bearded beanie.

Or maybe your guy is a gamer and could use a new case for his iPhone

There are so many gorgeous paintings out there too. So much more meaningful than the generic prints from your local home store. I love this one!

Obviously I could go on and on. The hard part is sticking with a budget and not buying it all :)


~Katey~ said...

Hey, speaking of Christmas gifts LOL

You won my Toy Sling review and giveaway. Please get with me. My email is

ArtsyNina said...

I'm addicted to shopping etsy; I haven't bought much but I love getting ideas.

I might try my hand at soap soon. I have been saving soap shards for about 2 years and have a bucket full. I think I could shave or melt them (like a french milled soap)and poor into a mold. But they are all different smells - who knows how it will turn out! Maybe you'll get a bar in the mail ;)