Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it's International Babywearing Week!

I LOVE wearing my babies. I really miss wearing them :( Emily still fits comfortably in our Moby wrap, but it's still too hot here. Before Anika was born I knew I wanted to wear her and carry her as much as I could. I wanted her close to I could see her and smell her and touch her and enjoy every short moment of babyhood.  In our little BX in Germany they had one Infantino carrier that was very affordable so we got it.

We used it when she was a month old to navigate crowded Christmas markets and to keep her warm.

By the time she was about 6 months old she was getting heavy for me so I let Eric take over the baby wearing. The straps on this carrier weren't the most comfortable.

Shortly before Emmy was born there was an awesome sale on the Moby D. I'm pretty sure I got it for about $25 and it's usually at least twice that. We tried it out on Anika while waiting for the baby to arrive. This was 4 days before she was born.

This was when she was 4 days old.

That Moby wrap has been so many places and made our lives so much easier.

According to Dr. Sears, babies that are frequently worn cry less, learn more, have better regulated internal systems, are smarter, helps slow-weight-gaining babies gain weight, and are more attentive.

Doctors Hunziker and Barr did a study in 1985 to see if “supplemental” carrying would result in less crying. They pointed out that a baby generally cries the most at six weeks of age where it starts to taper off through four months at which age babies cry the most just at night. By the end of their study, they concluded that more carrying resulted in 43% less crying at that peak crying age of six weeks!

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