Monday, November 23, 2009

party time!

For Anika's birthday we played at Happy Land with a few friends and opened a couple presents at home. Omi and Opi sent her a warm fleece jacket and pants, a shirt, and a ladybug game that is helping us teach her to count. Eric and I gave her a box of lego and she and Eric have been making little houses and cars.

On the weekend we had a bigger party at home with the same friends and lots of food. For our little fishy we did an undersea theme. I made sushi, seashell pasta salad, and the cake and everyone else brought yummy dishes to share. We all ate so much food that there wasn't room for dessert so I have lots leftover.

The kids just played in Anika's room. We couldn't even get them to come out and eat, but they all had fun until it got late and everyone was tired. They did come out for presents. Anika loves her new baby doll, her crayons and paper, memory match game, and her town rug to play with cars and trains on.

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