Monday, November 2, 2009

new rule

No computer on Sunday! Keeping the computer off yesterday was rough, but you know what? My emails were still there to be read this morning, everyone's Halloween pictures on Facebook are just as cute today, and it rained whether or not I looked at the forecast.

Sunday is now our official family day. It will not be a day of grocery shopping or house cleaning. We will sleep in as late as the kids allow, have pancakes for breakfast, play games, go to the pool, watch a movie, go out to eat, go for a walk, etc. Obviously I still have to do a little cooking and dish washing and Emily's diapers won't change themselves, but I'll do as little as possible. As a stay at home mom I can't leave work behind for the weekend. There is always another load of laundry to do, another diaper to change, and another dish to wash. It's going to take real effort to take a day off, but for my sanity and happiness I need to. The kids deserve a mom who isn't too tired to play and Eric deserves a wife who doesn't nag about the socks dropped on the floor. We'll have to plan ahead enough to have a clean home and groceries in the fridge for our day off and Mondays will be busier, but maybe now I'll start off the week with some energy and a good mood :) Wish us luck!

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