Tuesday, June 7, 2011

blog clean up

I've started cleaning up my blog. When I was cloth diapering and entering contests I placed several ads on the side of my blog and followed a lot of wonderful bloggers. It's too overwhelming now though so I'm cleaning out the cloth diapering stuff and just following a manageable amount of blogs. To click on each one and stop following is taking me awhile and when I am all done I'll go through and make sure I didn't delete anyone I want to keep following. I need to update the photos of the kids and I suppose I need to make a new button too :)


ArtsyNina said...

I hear ya! I've been a contest entering fool and followed about a million blogs. My rss reader is complete chaos. I need to clean house too!

Lisanne said...

My rss reader had too many things in it so I gave up on reading any of them. It will be nice to have it down to my favorites so I can find them again :)