Monday, March 14, 2011

don't you love Mondays?

I was trying to wake myself up and get ready for the day when little Emily came into my bedroom with her hands and feet and pjs covered in red paint. I should have snapped a picture, but that wasn't my first reaction. I put her in the tub and scrubbed her down. We turned the bathtub pink and I think there is still some paint in her hair.

Now on the the rest of the mess

The footprints continued through the kitchen, living room, and across my bedroom. My neighbor had offered to help me clean up this morning before I babysit, but I said I would be fine. After looking at this mess I called her and ask if the offer still stood. She came over and cleaned the bathtub while I scrubbed the carpet. 

After things settled down I made breakfast and coffee and started making the invitation to a party I am throwing in a couple weeks. The girls decided to play with their plates after they ate and one of them went flying off the table. I didn't know these plates could break. 

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