Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emily is 2!

My little girl is getting so big! She is 100% potty trained, starting to turn her large vocabulary into sentences, asking "why?" almost as often as her big sister does, and wants to do everything herself. She is still very loud and impatient and sure of herself as she has been since birth. She's very quick to cry or get angry, but also very quick to forgive and hug and say sorry. She still loves cuddles, and breastfeeding, and hanging out in the baby carrier sometimes. She is such a good mommy to her baby dolls and loves to prepare food for them in her toy kitchen. Her artistic skills are improving, but we're still working on keeping the crayons and paint on the paper and not the walls, floor, skin, etc. She likes to count and usually makes it to about 3 or 4, but can say all the numbers through 10.

Good morning birthday girl!

presents! more play food :)

we love books!

trying on her pretty new dress

party time

hummingbird cake

cookie decorating is messy and yummy

more presents :)

my little clown

I love how she eats her veggies first <3 

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Cat Smith said...

Such a lil beauty <3