Tuesday, July 6, 2010

our poor car

My daredevil 1 year old decided to climb our huge and heavy ladder that was folded up and leaning against the wall in the garage. I was just around the corner when I heard a loud crash and a baby cry. I went rushing in there to find Emily under the ladder. The car had stopped the fall of the ladder so Emmy was fine, just startled. At first glance it looked like the back bumper had caught the ladder. After I soothed the little one I took a closer look and found scrapes, and a dent, and then the broken tail light. My poor car is only a year old and it's already been dented by the wind slamming the door open into concrete and someone hitting the side with their car door and now this.

You can't just order the plastic tail light cover when one gets broken, you have to buy the entire light assembly. We may call a few junk yards to see if they have one to save us a few bucks. Eric might try to pop the dent out and we'll need a little touch up paint. I'm sure it's not enough damage to bother with the insurance company.

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