Friday, May 28, 2010

too old for this

I recently bought a slip n slide for my water baby. She wanted to try it out yesterday so we hooked it up to the hose in the backyard and gave it a try. She loved it.

Her technique needs some work. She runs across the yard, stops, gets down on her belly, and doesn't slide very far.

So, I showed her how it's done.

It was fun. It was refreshing on a 92 degree day. I slid down it several times and only scraped my elbow once. This morning I got up and my ribs and abdomen hurt! I have discovered why the recommended weight limit is 110lbs. Looks like my slip n sliding days are over. Have fun Anika!

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ArtsyNina said...

I used to love slipnslides! Although I had fun, I do remember that the ground was awfully hard. When it comes time to show Jack how it's done, I'll leave the demonstration to Dad. :)