Monday, January 26, 2009

anyone else want to guess?

As of today I am 38 weeks pregnant and that is far enough along to have a home birth if everything keeps going well! Baby is starting to feel really big and strong in there and I'm having a couple contractions an hour most of the time. I can hope that means I won't go late, right? I have another appointment tomorrow morning and if I'm lucky it nay be my last. I still have the bruise on my arm from my blood draw 2 weeks ago! Maybe I can refuse to give them any more blood.

We have a little guessing game going on baby's date of arrival, sex, size, etc. So far it's split pretty even on the boy or girl part :) If you'd like to add your guess you can click here

And now for the pictures. Look at those lovely stretch marks. I can't tell if it's my old ones turning red again or if there are some new ones too.

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Annette said...

Can I change my guess?? ;)